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Designing of protective coating systems

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Designing of protective coating systems and material optionThe existence of corrosion and applying of anticorrosive protection requires very good knowledge of whole spectrum of corrosive environment, application methods and the ways of material protection.

The company disposes certificated person with the statute of corrosive engineer, who not only supervises doing of surface protection but also  design protective systems, communicates with costumers - tries to satisfy its need and need of future product - its placing or maintenace of current product.

In practice it is about unification of suggested system with corrosive environment, where the product will be placed, selection of the most suitable materials in consideration of economic part and the selection of suitable application method. In all cases it is necessary to have basic knowledge of the place, corrosive environment, composition and design of materials and parts and also required life time and guarantee.

applying of anticorrosive protectionapplying of anticorrosive protection2

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Lamination from epoxide resin

Lamination and products from epoxide resin   We do lamination of reservoirs for liguid and pools, reparation of current lamination and preparation of the basis for application of laminate layers.

Supervision and ispection

coating-thickness-gauge-456Corrosive technician of the company K-servis supervises making of surface protection, evaluates risks of corrosive attack, economic return of the surface protection, etc.