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Powdery painting substance

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powdery-painting-substanceThe company disposes automatic line IDEAL LINE for varnishing by powder substance in Oldřichov u Duchcova. There is applied as basic painting substance with the zinc so upper painting substance protective or decorative.
Powdery painting provides the advantage of minimum waste ( 1 - 5% ), whereas the waste is returned to production process. It is possible to reach thikness 30 - 120 µm at applying of one layer and it enables better covering of hollow areas.
Parametres of varnishing line K-servis company :
Lenght of hanging line: 112 m
Loading limit on hangings: 100 kg
Preliminary treatment: degreasing by zincfosfat medium
Temperature of the kiln: do 240 °C
Lenght of the kiln: 24 m
capacity of the line: 960 m2 daily in dependence on the product (design, weight,etc.)

It is possible to use the capacity of air-blast boxes by metal abrasive, balotin or different type of corundum to prepare the surface for powder varnishing.


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Supervision and ispection

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