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Combined ( duplex ) coatings

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It is about coatings of metal coating (Zn, Al) in combination with wet coating substance. These ways are recommended to strong corrosive environment, eventually with requirements to decorativeness of surfaces. It is possible to reach very good anticorrosive features with long life time of whole system.
Life time at this surface protection is very high, it is proved that combined coatings have as much as 2,5 x higher protective effectivity than sum total protective effectivity of each its part.
Company K-servis applies these coatings especially for specialised companies which make bridges, traffic infrastructure, steel construction for Czech railways, Headquarters of highway and motorway CR and chemical corrosivestressed environment.

All coatings from organic and adultterate substance we apply to corrosive environments C3 till Im3 dle ČSN EN ISO 12944-5. We also apply fire-stopping coatings of companies SIKA (DuPont) a STACHEMA

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Sanitation of concrete construction

Sanitation of concrete constructionWe do sanitation and reprofilation of concrete surfaces on construction of traffic infrastructure as concrete and stone bridges, supporting walls, pillars and other.

Lamination from epoxide resin

Lamination and products from epoxide resin   We do lamination of reservoirs for liguid and pools, reparation of current lamination and preparation of the basis for application of laminate layers.

Supervision and ispection

coating-thickness-gauge-456Corrosive technician of the company K-servis supervises making of surface protection, evaluates risks of corrosive attack, economic return of the surface protection, etc.