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Preliminary treatment of the surface (blasting)

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blasting-machineShot blasting (abrasive blasting) - it is a process of mechanical treatment of the surface by flow of blasting medium, when the dirtiness is removed (flake,the rest of sand from smelting, corossive attack and etc.).

Our company uses as blasting medium for dry blasting in four blasting sets blast furnace slag, steel granulate, and for special surfaces ballotini, different types of corundum (aluminium oxide) etc...

We uses Torbo machine for damp (dust-free) shot blasting , when the mixture of the abrasive and water is pushed forward by module to the surface of steel or concrete construction. The advantage of this system is minimization of dustiness ,that means it is possible to do blasting in buil-up areas or in production areas at operation.

These preliminary treatments follow norms ISO 12944 a ISO 8501 and related. The check-up of the roughness is done according to Rugotest or roughness test, steel purity according to ČSN ISO 8501.

Company  K-servis ensures partly workshop proccessing in two plants and also building providing at realisation place.

Conversion table and list of norms for surface cleanness:

ČSN ISO 8501 DIN 55928 SIS 055900 SSCP BS 4243
Sa 3 Sa 3 Sa 3 SP - 5 1. kvalita
Sa 2,5 Sa 2,5 Sa 2,5 SP - 10 2. kvalita
Sa 2 Sa 2 Sa 2 SP - 6 3. kvalita
St 3 St 3 St 3 SP - 03 -
St 2 St 2 St 2 SP - 2 -

Basic level of surface cleanness according to ČSN ISO 8501-1 (responds DIN 55928, resp. Sweden standard SIS 055900):

Sa 3 - Cleaning by blasting on clean metal. Removes all visible signs of flakes, rust and other dirtiness. The surface shows unified metal loo.

Sa 2,5 - Cleaning by blasting on almost clean metal. Removes visible flakes,rust and other dirtiness. Other remaining signs of impurity will be only as light stains in form of areas or strips.

Sa 2 - Cleaning by blasting. Removes all visible inadhesive flakes, rust and other dirtiness. All remnants must firmly stick to basis.

St 2 - Manual and mechanical instrumental cleaning. It removes hard adhesive flakes,rust and other dirtiness.

St 3 - Manual and mechanical instrumental cleaning. Likewise as at  St2, but the surface must show obvious metal gloss.


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Supervision and ispection

coating-thickness-gauge-456Corrosive technician of the company K-servis supervises making of surface protection, evaluates risks of corrosive attack, economic return of the surface protection, etc.