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Blasting (wet way)

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Blasting (wet way)Performed with the Torbo® devices. These devices are particularly suitable for cleaning surfaces, pretreatment of surfaces prior to application of paints and implementation of remediation.

Thanks to possibilities Torbo® device provides is capable of being carried out not only rude and common, but very friendly cleaning surfaces, so they can be used both for the refurbishment of concrete surfaces, as well as to remove old paint from the plaster and stucco in cleaning sites (sandstone, traverin, wood).

Depending on the performance of the compressor used with virtually unlimited range blast hoses are constructed so that they can draw water from the reservoir beztlakového. One can then work with them in places where there are no existing wiring

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Lamination from epoxide resin

Lamination and products from epoxide resin   We do lamination of reservoirs for liguid and pools, reparation of current lamination and preparation of the basis for application of laminate layers.

Supervision and ispection

coating-thickness-gauge-456Corrosive technician of the company K-servis supervises making of surface protection, evaluates risks of corrosive attack, economic return of the surface protection, etc.