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Certification, Quality

Certifikát Lakovna

Certification ISO 9001:2008




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metalizaceMetalizace, neboli šopování je nanášení kovových povlaků žárovým nástřikem, je určena k povrchové ochraně oceli a jiných kovů před korozí. Vytvořená vrstva kovu zabraňuje průniku vlhkosti a kyslíku k povrchu kovu a tím zabraňuje vzniku koroze a několikanásobně prodlužuje životnost takto opracovaných (metalizovaných) celků. Stříkaný povrch musí být předupraven tryskáním.


Powdery painting substance

powdery-painting-substanceThe company disposes automatic line IDEAL LINE for varnishing by powder substance in Oldřichov u Duchcova. There is applied as basic painting substance with the zinc so upper painting substance protective or decorative.
Powdery painting provides the advantage of minimum waste ( 1 - 5% ), whereas the waste is returned to production process. It is possible to reach thikness 30 - 120 µm at applying of one layer and it enables better covering of hollow areas.

Liquid coating substance

liquid-coating-substanceCompany K-servis deal with application of wet painting along of powder varnishing. The biggest part makes two-component painting substance with specialization on infrastructure, chemical, paper and machine aparatus.
After preliminary treatment of the surface by degreasing or abrasive blasting follows application of coating substance by high pressure machinery in combination with manual making of band coating and in particular in inapproachable areas according to normativ.


Preliminary treatment of the surface (blasting)

blasting-machineShot blasting (abrasive blasting) - it is a process of mechanical treatment of the surface by flow of blasting medium, when the dirtiness is removed (flake,the rest of sand from smelting, corossive attack and etc.).

Our company uses as blasting medium for dry blasting in four blasting sets blast furnace slag, steel granulate, and for special surfaces ballotini, different types of corundum (aluminium oxide) etc...


Designing of protective coating systems

Designing of protective coating systems and material optionThe existence of corrosion and applying of anticorrosive protection requires very good knowledge of whole spectrum of corrosive environment, application methods and the ways of material protection.

The company disposes certificated person with the statute of corrosive engineer, who not only supervises doing of surface protection but also  design protective systems, communicates with costumers - tries to satisfy its need and need of future product - its placing or maintenace of current product.

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Lamination from epoxide resin

Lamination and products from epoxide resin   We do lamination of reservoirs for liguid and pools, reparation of current lamination and preparation of the basis for application of laminate layers.

Supervision and ispection

coating-thickness-gauge-456Corrosive technician of the company K-servis supervises making of surface protection, evaluates risks of corrosive attack, economic return of the surface protection, etc.